final payment – the flashback picture

Scene1 // A walk to remember

Scene 2 // The place we call nexus

Scene 3 // Gangland Security

Scene 4 // I am John's lack of perfect surprise

Scene 5 // Do you feel guilty?

Scene 6 // The great ruler

Scene 7 // Don't tell me what i can't do

Scene 8 // the wking life

Scene 9 // GAME OVER

Scene 10 // Deadlock

Scene 11 // Wall of smiles

Scene 12 // Going the Distance

It’s about a movie that not actually exists. I’ve shot 12 pictures that tell a story – each picture is inspired by films I’ve seen and, in the one or other way, the beholder of my pictures have seen. every scene is to remind yourself subconsciously to a movie story and together it should tell you your own “mind-movie”.